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Today is Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rogers Chiropractor – Serving Northwest Arkansas, Bella Vista, Lowell, Springdale, Bentonville, Fayetteville, and Surrounding Areas

Do you suffer from pain, stress, loss of mobility, or any other unwanted conditions that get in the way of living a full and active life? If so, we at NWA Chiropractic have the solution for you! At NWA Chiropractic, our goal is to serve you and our community according to God’s plan, with the highest possible standards of ethics, professionalism, and integrity. We strive to deliver nothing but the best corrective chiropractic care for patients from all walks of life – all in a close partnership with our community for a better lifestyle for everyone.

Founded in 2008, NWA Chiropractic specializes in a full function of chiropractic treatments, including alternative therapies, joint dysfunction, adjustments and manipulations, and other techniques that give you the relief and peace of mind you deserve. Led by Dr. Philip E. Bland, we help stimulate the body’s own natural pain-relief responses, restore normal motion and function of joints and surrounding tissues, identify points in your body that cause pain and discomfort, and recommend treatment options for you as a unique patient.

Call us at 479-633-8917 to schedule a consultation, or stop by and visit us at 2102 Pleasant Grove Road, suite #2, in Rogers, AR. If you live in Northwest Arkansas – including but not limited to Bella Vista, Lowell, Springdale, Bentonville, Avoca, Cave Springs, Elm Springs, Fayetteville, Garfield, Goshen, and Hindsville. We are the trusted chiropractic solution for you. Schedule your appointment now and make today the day you decide to get better and heal – the NWA Chiropractic way!

Learn More About Dr. Philip E. Bland

Dr. Philip E. Bland is a chiropractor headquartered out of Rogers, AR. He has over 10 years of professional chiropractic experience and has been with NWA Chiropractic since 2008. Dr. Bland’s professional career began when he graduated from John Brown University in Siloam Springs, AR, with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He then attended the prestigious Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA before beginning to serve the good people of Northwest Arkansas.

What made chiropractic the field of choice for Dr. Bland? When he was growing up, he saw his mother suffer from horrible migraines – until she received relief from the trained hands of a chiropractor.Dr. Bland is a patient of chiropractic care himself, receiving invaluable chiropractic care for his scoliosis when nothing else worked. He has been receiving chiropractic care since 1989. Read More

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Looking for a Quality Northwest Arkansas Chiropractor?

What makes a quality chiropractor? At NWA Chiropractic, we believe it is a combination of knowledge, skill, and friendly customer service – especially with a field as important as chiropractic. Chiropractic can help you feel better by identifying and treating common causes of pain, discomfort, and immobility in your body. Your muscles, bones, joints, and nerves all interact with each other to support your body and allow it to do all the wonderful things it can do. When any of these are out of order, your body suffers.

We serve all of Northwest Arkansas and bring a unique approach to chiropractic care, one founded on a love of God, people, and community. Dr. Bland’s 10 years of experience and kind approach to his patients is one of the main reasons why Northwest Chiropractic continues to be the chiropractor of choice for the area.

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